Planting Your Garden

Designing and Planting Your Garden

We can design and plant your garden with all types of trees, shrubs and plants

It doesn’t matter if your garden is established or you are designing a new layout from scratch. If you are looking to add plants, shrubs and trees to your garden we can certainly help.

With over 20 years experience in all aspects of garden design, planning and maintenance, we can work with you design a layout, advise on plant choices, source and plant all manner of trees, shrubs, bulbs and plants into your garden leaving you to simply enjoy the end result.

It’s important to take into account several key points when designing a planting scheme.

  • The soil type – if the soil is too acidic for example then only certain plants will do well
  • The aspect of the garden – is it a sunny garden or shady
  • Do you need to use plants as a security screen/fencing?

Making sure that there is the correct variety of plants and shrubs to provide all year round source of colour, greenery and the desired aesthetic look is also key to a successful planting scheme.

With access to some of the finest nurseries and growers in the country, we can provide a top class range of all trees, shrubs and plants.

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